100 Prisoners

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I can't prevent cheating, so just don't.
Anyways, the 100 prisoners problem is a mathematical problem in probability theory and combanitorics.
In this problem, 100 numbered prisoners try to find their own corresponding paper slips in 100 drawers (not corresponding to the paper slips inside them).
Each prisoner may only open 50 drawers, and each one of those drawers will be closed after a prisoner's turn.
If even one of these prisoners fail to find their own paper slip, everyone will be executed.
Otherwise, everyone is sent home free.

However, this time, there is a catch! You set the amount of prisoners in the jail, and you also create the strategy.
It might seem hopeless because:

However, there is a clever strategy that gives you an above 30% chance of success...
Find out in the Wikipedia article I'm not the one giving lectures to you in high school.